PaperlessHR - replace papers with PDFs and digital signatures


We tame system logs with our own Elastic Log Management

NOTIX Elastic Log Management Ilustrace

PowerFLOW - Build robust business apps in a few weeks. Without developers.


We provide innovative approach, professionals and experts. We still grow.


We innovate. We identify the industry problems and solve them in our Notix Innovation Center.

Revolutionary integrations.
Analysis, development, sustainability.


Integration is in our DNA, both in technological and consulting parts of helix. We have deep knowledge of massively spread ESB technologies incl. open-source solutions and we know very well integration patterns and SOA principles.

Strong team

Every team leader has at least 7 years of experience from integration projects, both in Czech and abroad.


We help clients refine and create the RFPs, PoCs, we analyse and identify their integration needs, business cases, ROI estimations, and many more.


We evaluate integration patterns of our clients on demand for their core business needs, for the scaling purposes of their business, and suggest the best-practice architectonical patterns. We transform your obsolete IT to modern day standards, we manage the integration lifecycles with unique methodology and shorten the delivery times of your integrations.

Processing Big Data in real-time

Solution architecture, monitoring, alerting based on logs and documents, indexation, advanced full-text search, DevOps and monitoring portals, and we make solutions for quick distribution of extraordinary large files.

Own tools

Based on our best knowledge and customer's needs, we developed own tools for log management - Elastic Log Management.

Official partners of Elastic co.

As first company in Czech republic we became official business partners of succesfull billion dollar evaluated -

Conferences and Meet-ups

Pořádáme konference a odborné přednášky pro naše klienty - záznamy a galerii lze nalézt na

Supporting your infrastructure as a service.

We provide on-site technological/dev-ops support consisting of administrators, developers and managers, so your SLA is always covered. Either via outsourcing, or in body-shop terms.

SLA Operational support

Current IT solutions almost always carry specific requirements for infrastructuru, infrastructural software and its support.
We let you focus on key areas of your IT solution and you can trust us with technological support, so you never fail.

Types of support

We offer different types of support, ie. guaranteed SLA support, complete outsourcing or finding the right specialist in terms of body-shop approach.

Build robust business apps with non-programmers.

Combine data, forms, workflows, documents and e-signatures. Get rid of papers, organize your team’s work in our all-in-one low-code digitization platform.

Are you digitizing or replacing existing business apps? Are you seeking how to integrate more systems into one seamless process?

Contract and vendor management, loans, multi-level approvals, back-office processes, electronic documents workflow with digital signatures, HR agenda and anything else you can think of. All under one umbrella, connected and automated.

Fast and Agile

With PowerFLOW, complex enterprise-grade apps are built with intuitive drag-n-drop design tools really quickly. And when it comes to the changes: they are welcome. Just a few clicks and save new version. This is the real business-driven agile approach.

Digitization and Automation

Apps built with PowerFLOW can employ Word document templates, generate documents by adding app's data to the templates and can let the users digitally sign the documents. With dynamically evaluated rules and conditions you can leverage the process automation features.

Something More

Our clients build core business apps and systems on the PowerFLOW low-code platform. It is possible thanks to the complex configuration capabilities alongside with modern enterprise-grade technologies the PowerFLOW is built on.


web PaperlessHR

You do not need to print the documents just because of the signature.
Get rid of paper documents and use digital signatures instead. By connecting PaperlessHR with your existing HR system e.g. SAP SuccessFactors, you can leverage full potential of paperless HR.

PaperlessHR Features

Digital signatures, multi-lingual document templates in Word, automated document generation from templates and personnel data, auto-routed signature workflow, data integration to existing HR system, long-term trusted electronic documents archivation and maintenance.

key benefits of digitization

Things can be done remotely, quickly and as a self-service
Secure origination, distribution and archivation of electronic documents
Financial savings in labour and direct costs related to paper logistics
Automation: save administrative work on HR, keep deadlines, less errors

Something more

PaperlessHR provides intuitive drag-n-drop tools, that lets you create your own HR apps without programming. This can enhance you existing HR system's capabilities even more.

Project management & Consulting

We'll ensure smooth delivery of your project.


Enterprise architecture of today usually contains high complexity of integrations with business critical applications.
We offer you the ease of mind and ability to focus on your core business, sustainable growth and positive company culture - we'll take care of the very complex issues and will tackle them with our positive approach and year of relevant experience. 


All impacts and consequences should be undersootd in case of need of replacing, updating or transforming complex solutions.
We offer the service of system delivery - from single application to bank digital transformation - to let the business (again) let focus on primary business goals.


We are able to help you or consult your challenges, ideas or products in the areas, where we have collectively tens of years of experience and pool of battle-worn colleagues - architecture, integration, processes and workflows, devops, Elastic products, UX/UI and of course application development.

Custom development.

We are happy to provide custom development in industry-standard and both time-proven and edge cutting technologies.
Application servers, middleware, front-ends, mobile applications and UX design.

ANGULAR 2+, mobile apps

Dynamicly evolving frameworks for progressive web application, portable to any system or mobile. By combining our development process, our servers and databases (both SQL and non-SQL type) we are able to provide living MVP in extremely short time.


MAny years of Java development in corporate as in small teams. Own Java implementation are core of internal products' backends.


As one of few and because of our aggresive (yet thorough) growth we are able to offer complete development teams, which utilizes modern project methodologies to deliver requested solution as best as we can.


We offer complex services in the area of development and testing of electronic vehicle control systems.


We are one-stop shop in area of HiL testing, and we offer broad spectre of services - from configuration to managing HiL test states (dSPACE, SCALEXIO). If the customer does not have the  model of the testing unit environment, we are able to create our own in MATLAB Simulink. We developed own framework for automated testing and evaluation. We also can use proprietary SW of third parties, such as Micronova EXAM.


We offer services in engine control units function area. We focus on the driving functions, sensors and actuators, as well as on the configuration and communication of the unit. We are able to support our customers on-site, during the test drives and on the test polygons. In the case of need we we can arrange the preparation of test vehicles equipped with necessary measuring technology.


When a vehicle is fully developed, we offer complete system and endurance tests of the vehicle, including OBD diagnostics and reporting into clients systems. In case of need, we can arrange the preparation of test vehicles equipped with necessary measuring technology.

prototyping systems

We participate in development of prototype control units using Rapid Prototyping metodologies and technologies. We create SW for embedded systems, which can be extended with user interface - both desktop, and mobile application.


ETAS: INCA, MDA, EHandbook; RA Consulting: DiagRA, ODXViewer; Vector: CANanalyzer, CANoe; dSPACE: Configuration Desk, Control Desk; MathWorks: Matlab, Simulink; Micronova: EXAM; AVL: Creta

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We develop and sustain own products.

Robust business apps without programming


PowerFLOW is a low-code platform, that allows to build new enterprise-grade apps and replace old business apps with intuitive drag-n-drop design tools.

Fast to create, easy to change.

Full HR digitization


You do not need to print the documents just because of the signature.

Get rid of papers, use Word templates, automatically generate, digitally sign and archive your HR documents.

Taming the logs of your application

Elastic Log Management

Gather, save, auto-analyze technical logs of your corporate application logs, servers, or middleware layers build on top of Elastic solution.
Notix is proud partner of Elastic co.

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